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Download and install Free NBP ColourmapX

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A brief description of the program Photoshop
Compositions: One of the strengths of Photoshop is its ability to combine multiple images to produce a new, different photo of its kind.

Corrections to images: Photoshop enables its ability to correct image defects such as adjusting colors, correcting lighting, and much more

Artistic effects: One of the interesting features in it is the possibility to use different filters to add artistic effects, so they are very many and available as add-ons that can be increased according to need.
 Enhancements: Photoshop offers photo enhancements, such as removing skin blemishes, removing old photo blemishes
For drawing
Digital drawing: Photoshop is one of the best programs used in digital drawing, and it contains many utilities
●● Tips ●●
This works best when photos are captured between 5000 LUTs
This beauty captured in the studio was tested with appropriate exposure
●● Notice ●●
Please keep in mind that all of my photos will include different lighting so this will look different from one image to another
🎬Download Method🎬
Download used accessories

NBP ColourmapX
To download a program or filters Alfotosh
Download Color Efex Pro👇
●See installation method►●👇
Download photoshop cc👇
●See installation method►●👇
Download portraitpro 15👇
●See installation method►●👇
Download SkinFiner 2.0👇
●See installation method►●👇
The importance of retouch
Retouch at the present time is very important for any designer and any photographer in order to look for a design or image with the required severity. You must have a great background on the retouch and the way it works.
1- Burn & amp Dodge is a very important tool and is considered the basis of the retouch in general
It is used to lighten the skin, darken it, or even increase the freshness of color. This means the tool
Wonderful and irreplaceable.
2- The spot healing brush tool and everything in its own bubble
The tool is like a magic wand that can hide skin imperfections, such as pimples, deformities and other skin imperfections .. Also, in its panel, it can be used to hide imaging imperfections, such as removing the red-eye effect as a result of the camera flash
3- Clone stamp tool The idea of ​​its work is to evaluate it as concealing skin imperfections
It means almost the same idea of ​​the previous tool, but it differs in technique and accuracy of work
4- Color and lighting adjustment tools are basic tools used in any design
And must be taken into account the proportions required in their use in the end, I would like to say that this is exactly like the cooking uniform
And every shared cook has its own spices and the secret mix that he can deliver to a specific taste
Exactly, this retic is for all Retach after he learns the basics, so he has the secret mix that he has, so he can reach a certain result by distinguishing his work from others.
Finally, we were able to provide you with the most professional retouch filters from the tools that we remembered before and in a way that is ready. They contain a set of tools for everything related to the face, such as smoothing, lightness, color change, teeth whitening, eye coloring, and much of this type. Filter used in our YouTube lessons for free via the download link, which we put for you in the description box with the video
The section for downloading mobile programs
Google Play
Download photoshop Mobile👇
Download PicsArt Mobile👇
Download Snapseed Mobile👇
Download Lightroom Mobile👇
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